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Kicking the Mats Together


Try to postion yourself and your partner near the edges or corners of the matted area.


Push the mats apart when getting up from a throw. Wherever possible, lightly skip off the mats and start kicking them together — ideally before it is your partner's turn to fall on them.


Provided that you can make the mats come apart, this is one of the most reliable of time wasting techniques, and, with good timing, your actions can appear to be for the well-being of your partner.


This technique is so well known that it's hard to genuinely kick the mats together without somebody suspecting that you're just doing it to get a bit of a rest.
In fact, kicking the mats together has been so thoroughly and unscrupulously exploited to waste time that even the manufacturers of mats have taken steps to eradicate it — permanently laid tatami or interlocking mats render this technique useless in many time-wasting-proof dojo.


OK, I admit that I have used this time-wasting technique and...

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